‘Get thee behind me, Satan!’



Thereafter, all the men [the Japwalas, the men who were asked by Baba to repeat God’s names during the Fiery life] were called into the room.

Baba stated:ย “Repeat the name as if your very life depends on it. Keep continuity. … Maya necessarily creates obstacles in God’s work, so be careful.”

… “I am destined to take this gross body again and again, and so I have to come into this world. But I think at least you should be free from this unbroken chain of being born again and again โ€“ growing, maturing, marrying, enjoying, procreating, decaying and dying.”

Baba added: “God is just as soft as He is hard, and as compassionate as He is harsh. But just remember that when you call Him or invoke Him, if He is touched even once, the work is done โ€“the impossible becomes possible.

“But again, this is not an easy thing, but very difficult. So repeat God’s names wholeheartedly. I know you will do it. Then I and God will see about it.”

… “whenever any thought of lust, greed, anger, jealousy, money matters or family affairs tries to possess your heart, say with me, ‘Get thee behind me, Satan!’ and be at peace.

–Lord Meher (First Ed), p3923

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