God and Cosmos


God is Infinite Reality; cosmos is infinite illusion. In infinite illusion there are infinite suns, stars, moons, planets and the creation as a whole evolves ad infinitum.

For instance, take the head of a human being. The head is one, and there is one individual mind. Yet innumerable hairs grow over this one head. Even when all the hair is shaved, the growth of hair does not cease; the hair reappears and covers the head.

Within the head as such, the hairs, though innumerable, have no value because even when all the hair falls off, the head, though bald, remains. Whatever value attached to the hair is but decorative. The hair may help to make the head appear attractive and may create a feeling of self-satisfaction. But hairs as such have no value when compared with the head on which they appear and disappear.

One individual mind that generates innumerable thoughts may be compared with the head that has a growth of hair, also innumerable. One individual mind is capable of containing, emanating and absorbing any number of thoughts. Energy and all matter are the outcome of mind itself.

To understand the all-importance of God, Who is Infinite Reality, let this all-importance be compared with the importance of the mind, and the importance of creation be compared with the hair upon the head.

I tell you that God is infinitely all-important when compared with the cosmos, which has no value other than that of the hair upon one’s head — the hair that lures one and creates illusory self-satisfaction.

-www.lordmeher.org (Revised 2014), p4387
Date and place: May, 1958; Myrtle Beach

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