“If one wants to see God everywhere…, one must love me with all heart” – Part 1


“There are volumes describing God, telling something about reality, truth, love. Baba has given us a book, God Speaks. Baba has also given us many, many messages, but they do not help because they do not help to feel the Experience which is beyond the domain of the mind. They give us an idea, a sort of an intellectual conviction, that we have to cross the mind, the domain of the mind, and experience seeing God in everything. When one sees God, he sees things as clearly, much more clearly, than he sees the gross things with gross eyes. And then one experiences infinite bliss. You have no idea of the experience of that bliss!

But there is one thing still further, another step, after seeing God and that is to become one with Me. This is, of course, explained in the form of my messages, so that people may understand intellectually, have some idea of God, Truth, Reality. If one wants to see God everywhere and in everything, one must love me with all heart, with all devotion.”

–Date and place: Aug 1956;  California
Lord Meher (First Ed), p5057
www.lordmeher.org (Revised 2014), p4061

“Truth is to be experienced. Intellectual knowledge does not lead to Truth.” (LM First Ed., 3230)


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