“Love never fails”

There is no such thing as ‘failure’ on the journey towards Truth or God. It is merely a question of time. (The Awakener Magazine I/2/33)

The opposites of failure and success need each other. There can be no success unless there is failure; and it is equally true that there can be no failure unless there is success. (Beams, p60)

Whatever the efforts you make, whatever the failures that seem to result, whatever the despair that follows, all have their roots in the fact that you love yourself more than you love God. In loving yourself as wholeheartedly as you should have loved God, failures and despair stand up prominently before you. This is quite natural. (The Awakener Magazine XIX/2/54)

Never pay attention to your failings or weaknesses, good or bad thoughts. If you take Me as Avatar, obey Me whatever I say, good or bad. (Life is a Jest, Meher Baba, p65)

Everything else may fail—Love never fails. (Avatar, by Jean Adriel, p169)

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