“For a disciple it suffices to obey”



[Saying that, “But this literal and impossible surrender is not required by the Master from his disciples,” Baba continues ]

Pointing to one of them, Baba cited as an example:
Supposing I were to make you into an emperor tomorrow, and the very next day bring you down to the level of a sweeper; you should accept the extremes with unswerving faith in my judgment. You must always try with undisturbed equanimity to fit into any given role, at any given time, concerned only with the carrying out of your Master’s wishes.

Turning to the others, Baba continued:
For a disciple it suffices to obey. Your duty as a disciple is to obey as if you were not your own self, which is indeed literally true when you have completely dedicated your self to the Master. Never try to match your limited intellect or your reasoning against your Master’s will. Spontaneous acceptance by you of anything the Master says or does, and your unquestioning obedience to him, will safely steer you through any so-called crises that you may have to face.

-www.lordmeher.org, p3291
March, 1953; Dehra Dun

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