What surrender means


People generally have a very superficial understanding of what is actually meant by complete surrender of one’s all — namely, one’s possessions, body and mind — to a Perfect Master. The complacent belief of a disciple that he has completely surrendered to a Master is due to ignorance and hypocrisy. Because, if the significance of the words were weighed literally and pondered over deeply, it would be seen that if one’s possessions, body and mind — the very core of one’s existence — were entirely submitted to the Master, there could then be no room given for even a single thought of one’s own, the mind now belonging to the Master.

It would be hypocritical even to move. Even to breathe would be hypocritical, because the body has been surrendered. But this literal and impossible surrender is not required by the Master from his disciples. What is demanded of a disciple is his complete and absolute surrender to the will of the Master, however contrary it may be to the dictates of the disciple’s temperament, however opposing to his natural inclinations or beliefs, however difficult to admit within the restricted precincts of his mind.

-www.lordmeher.org, p3291
March, 1953; Dehra Dun

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