The Unity of All Life



Baba’s message, “The Unity of All Life” was then read out to the crowd by Niyogi. Part of it was:

In the One undivided and indivisible Ocean of life, you have, through ignorance, created the pernicious divisions based upon sex, race, nationality, religion and community. And you allow these self-created divisions to poison your heart and obstruct your relationships. Slowly but surely you must imbibe this truth at the feet of the Master of Wisdom. Slowly but surely you must shed prejudices and get disentangled from the superficial distinctions. Slowly but surely you must tread the path to the Formless and Nameless One.

When you enthrone the Nameless One in your mind-heart, you do not necessarily put an end to the game of duality. You have to play a role in the drama of creation, without being caught up in duality. The unity of life has to be experienced and expressed in the very midst of its diverse experiences. All life is One, and all divisions are imaginary.

Be established in this Eternal Truth I bring.

–, p2444
November, 1944; Nagpur

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