“In such great uncertainty, real work is being done”

On Saturday, 19 September 1942, Baba explained about his work:

Reality is; unreality is not! Unreality, or “nothing,” is in the air. My work, too, is in the air and, because of that, it looks to you uncertain. I often make changes. Several times I have repeated that this is my last fast, this is my last seclusion, this is my last mast trip!

Still, all these “lasts” continue without an apparent end. I myself suffer infinitely and am harassed and troubled, especially in the mast work. But I like it more than you can ever know!

Because my work is so undecided, seemingly vague and indefinite, it is real work. In such great uncertainty, real work is being done.

–www.lordmeher.org, p2300
September, 1942; Lonavla

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