Masts true soldiers of God



Regarding masts, Baba once revealed to the mandali:

They feel so happy with me, because they see Baba and know who Baba truly is — a thing which you, with your gross eyes, cannot see. They see me with quite a different eye, and this special inner eye sees my divine form. With your gross eyes, you can only see the playthings of maya — this table, chair, et cetera. But the internal eye, which these masts have, sees through all these and in them sees God alone.

I love these lovers of God. They care for nothing of the world. They are so blissfully indifferent, even about their bodily needs — all for love of God, while the whole world only craves and cries for things of maya, and rushes at each other’s throats for its gratification! These masts are true soldiers of God!, p2004

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