Meaning of Sahavas – Part 1

After embracing most of those gathered, Baba stated his explanations for the meaning of sahavas:

The meaning of sahavas is physical proximity, to meet one another, mingling together like members of the same family. But my staying with you and your staying with me do not mean the same thing. For ages past, Baba is with everyone; but here, you all have to be with Baba and forget everything else. Thoughts may come and thoughts may go. We cannot control or check them. How to control them? By losing yourselves, trying to be engrossed in Baba’s sahavas, so that they may come and go automatically without your being conscious of them.

Do this much for six days. For at least six days, forget all your prestige, knowledge and spirituality. Try to observe the minutest details and analyze what takes place here. I want your hearts to be clean and open for me to step in. One most important point is to forget your difficulties – family, financial, health, et cetera – and only concentrate on Baba’s love. Do not expect miracles. Do not think that by coming here you will solve all your difficulties, and your troubles will be over. I have nothing to do with such things. I have no key for such problems. Do not hope for blessings to become healthy and wealthy. If you think you have come for the betterment of your health, you will on the contrary lose it. I have come – descended from the highest state – to bestow my love on you all. The rest is all illusion. Do not expect anything except my love.

There is a vast amount of literature on love, but to attain love is not easy. Very, very few find it. If you were really loving me you would not be here, because in that case your true love would have made you realize my Real State. Listen to what I say and do not think like a philosopher! There is no curtain between you and me. The only curtain is you, yourself., p3732
May 1955; Meherabad


“Let your heart be pure. Do not act outwardly what you are not inwardly.” (LM online, p4549)

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