“Mind imagines infinite divisions and so creates innumerable worlds of worries”

Although these daily sessions in the evening were only meant for lovers and not the general public, one afternoon Baba permitted the mayor of Poona to come with his two predecessors. Baba explained to them about maya:

God alone exists as Existence Eternal, and all else is illusion — a creation of maya. And what is maya? Maya is the principle of ignorance. Maya makes you feel what, in fact, does not exist. In reality, neither man nor woman, neither the so-called animate beings nor the inanimate things exist. It is maya which causes the unreal to appear as real and existing.

Mind, the issue of maya, imagines infinite divisions and so creates innumerable worlds of worries. As long as mind exists, ignorance persists. And what a joke that mind tries to gain bliss through furious thinking and worrying, which is empty dreaming! For bliss to come into being, mind has to be quiet. You cannot invite bliss. It is ever-present, everywhere.

-www.lordmeher.org, p4746
May, 1961; Guruprasad


To a devotee, Baba once gave these two “spiritual secrets,” as He called them:

1.  Never to hurt the heart of another, because that is where God resides; and
2. Always to be grateful, to give thanks to God every day”                                   

                           (Vol 14 No 2 P 31 Awakener)


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