Principles of science can be fitted-in with spirituality


Questioner: Do you accept the principle that science and religion are separate?

Baba: It depends upon how it is understood. Science, if it deals only with material advancement, would be said to have nothing of spirituality. But then  the same science is expressed to make the meaning of life clear, then it is also a branch of spirituality; just as art, if expressed rightly, is spiritual, and if expressed wrongly, is material.

Questioner: Are scientific truths and principles to be fitted in with spiritual doctrines?

Baba: They can be fitted in. What is the gross world, after all, but the medium to realize spirituality? For example, the body is purely material, physical, and gross, but it is the medium for the soul to know itself, provided it is dealt with and handled rightly, otherwise it becomes a hindrance in spiritual progress. Similarly, scientific principles and truths, if used rightly, help in the spiritual progress of the universe, but if improper use is made of them, they are bound to be the source of hindrance on the spiritual path.

–Silent Teachings of Meher Baba, compiled and edited by Naosherwan Anzar, p143

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