Remembrance and love alone helps us in escaping from maya

Baba then explained, “On this gross plane, we only see, feel and taste gross things. There are three spheres (planes) of consciousness – gross, subtle and mental. As the pilgrim advances on the Path, he passes through many wonderful experiences, and with the growing of his consciousness, he sees things that quite daze him. But all this and everything else is illusion. He is so dazed that he actually gets stuck on the Path. He can neither go forward nor retrogress.”

Baba cited the instance of a seeker stuck on an inner plane who was so dazed by the experience that he lost consciousness and kept hanging from the branch of a tree for four years.

Then he remarked, “There is only one way to escape this illusion, and that is, I repeat, to take my name, have my remembrance and love me. This will get you God!”, p3766
May 1955; Meherabad


“We always live in the present. From childhood to old age, we live in the present. We are not always mindful of the past. We forget the past because there is no past. It is not there at all. It is always the eternal present.”
(, p3747)

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