The three states of experience on the path — enthusiasm, depression and hope

On the 25th, Baba explained about three stages of experiences on the spiritual path — enthusiasm, depression and hope:

There are three states of […]

The way to be

Hope is to be fortified by courage, which can accept failure with equanimity;

enthusiasm harnessed by wisdom which knows how to wait […]

The Goal and Its Attainment – Have hope

The modern era is steeped in restlessness as man is tossed between conflicting ideals. Like mounds in a sandy desert, […]

The New World Order

The time is now ripe when men will ardently seek to contact the embodiment of the Truth in the form of a God-man, through […]

When hope dies, God is realized!

When Baba asked him about being a lawyer, Harish Chander Kochar informed Baba about his court difficulties. Baba counseled patience and stated:

The whole […]