Uncontrolled mind


On 8 June, Baba explained to the Western group:

All that smells good is not good. When you direct […]

“Each one can perceive my glory according to his own capacity”

He [Baba] quoted one of his favorite couplets in Urdu, wherein the Master says to his devotee: “My glory is from here to […]

“The easiest way is to hold on to my daaman”

On one of the walls in the room hung a wooden board on which was written the Marathi verse of Tukaram’s about beating […]

God-Realized Jivanmuktas – Part 1

Discoursing on Sunday, July 12th, Baba explained about God-Realized Jivanmuktas:

The state of Realized Souls is like that of a calm, tranquil ocean. Oceans […]