Meditation of action

Love for the Master leads to increasing identification with the Master, so that the aspirant desires to live in and for the Master and […]

Meditation of the heart

Complete identification of the Master with the spiritual ideal is responsible for removing such barriers as might exist between the aspirant and the Master. […]

Masters not to be approached with material motives

Worldly people are so immersed in material cravings that nothing interests them unless it has some direct bearing upon the fulfillment of these cravings. […]

Disciple used as instrument

The unity and solidarity of the inner planes make it possible for the Master to use his disciple as an instrument for his work […]

The need for strong connection with the Master

When the Master gives Knowledge to certain individuals and does not give it to all, that is not because of the Master’s incapacity to […]

“But this way it comes to me indirectly”

Bharucha sitting on the right side of Baba

Dr. [Hoshang] Bharucha was a staunch devotee of Godavri Mai and harbored some misunderstanding about fully […]

Reincarnation and Karma [59]– The Destiny of the Reincarnating Individual: Relationship with Master carried on through lifetimes

When the good karma of past lives has secured for the aspirant the benefit of having a Master, the best […]

The Relationship with the Master in Spiritual Life – Furtherance of divine plan


There is nothing that does not admit of direct or indirect control by the Masters of wisdom. Large social phenomena (such as wars, […]

The Relationship with the Master in Spiritual Life – Siddhis

The entire process of withdrawing consciousness from the universe and becoming conscious of the Self is accompanied by an increasing control of all the […]

The Relationship with the Master in Spiritual Life – Reversing process of perception

The process of perception runs parallel to the process of creation, and the reversing of the process of perception without obliterating consciousness amounts to […]