God works in eternal silence

“Actually, everything in the evolutionary creation is wrought solely by the Infinite Power of God, Who works in eternal silence – from […]

“You will then be pushed away by the newcomers”


One lover abruptly entered the room and sat down. Baba turned to him and stated, “Be happy, don’t worry. I am […]

“I shall open my heart completely and keep it open”


“Only on certain occasions do I open a little of my heart and give out a little love. In Poona this time, I […]

The Real Word

[Baba’s message during 1965 Darshan]

This time of your being with me, I do not intend giving you a lot of words to exercise […]

The Word of Words


When I say that my manifestation is connected with the breaking of my silence, people should not expect an outpouring of verbosity. I […]

Urge to observe and break the silence


When Dr. Roy asked about the breaking of his silence, Baba replied, “The fact that I have observed silence is in […]

About His work for humanity caught in famine



During this period [1943], there were numerous reports in the newspapers that famine was occurring in Calcutta, Lucknow and other […]

The universal brotherhood of man

God has come again and again in various forms, has spoken again and again in different words and different languages the Same One Truth […]

“I am so infinite that I myself cannot fathom my own Infinity”

Baba stated:

I am so infinite that I myself cannot fathom my own Infinity. My shadow, the creation, is also so infinite that once […]

“Even the Sadgurus long to touch the Avatar physically”

Of the 56 God-realized souls [on earth], the five Perfect Masters are the most important; and the One who is the highest of […]