“The Avatar suffers physically, mentally and spiritually”


On 1 December 1962, a Life Circular was issued stating that for reasons of his very important universal work, Baba did not wish his birthday celebrated in 1963, anywhere in the world. His lovers were also reminded that Baba wished them not to write to him or any of the mandali during 1963, except in cases of emergency.

On the 2nd, Baba explained:

I have two bodies — a human body and a Universal body. Also a human mind and a Universal mind. When it was absolutely essential to convince Arjuna, I [as Krishna] showed him a glimpse — just the tiniest glimpse — of my Universal body, and he felt overpowered with just that.

I have All-bliss but I do not touch it or make use of it. Not to make use of the Bliss which is mine is agony. But if the Avatar could make use of the Bliss that is his, how could his suffering be called “suffering,” and of what benefit would his self-imposed suffering for mankind be! As a human, the Avatar does not touch the Bliss that is eternally at his beck and call and at his back, as it were. That is why Christ, in his agony cried, “Father, why hast Thou forsaken me?” He was telling himself that!

In my present Avataric form, I suffer more than I ever did as Christ, for then I was crucified but once — now it is a daily crucifixion for me. The Avatar suffers physically, mentally and spiritually.

-www.lordmeher.org, p4892
Dec, 1962; Meherazad

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