The illusion and dream – Part 1

Baba at Sakori beside Upasni Maharaj’s samadhi, 1954

Baba asked Gulmai to relate what Upasni Maharaj had told her about him years before in Sakori. Gulmai said, “Maharaj once told me that Merwan would come here and sit in this place. You are sitting on the very spot pointed out by Maharaj. Maharaj also said that many persons would be present here before you and you would deliver a discourse. All this has been fulfilled today.”

In response, Baba explained about “the dream of creation:

All this is a delusion. Whatever you see, what you hear and what you think is all illusion. Whatever you see externally, that, too, is imagination. But its grip is so tight that you cannot free yourselves. You are the possessors of Infinite Knowledge, Infinite Power and Infinite Bliss; but you are so helpless due to the grip of illusion that Reality has slipped out of your hands.

For instance, you are all sitting here; but, in actuality, you are not sitting here, nor will you get up and go anywhere. Because of this illusion, you feel as if you do. You have to free yourselves from this illusory grip, which in fact does not exist. It is actually as if you are dreaming. In the dream you play, you eat and do many things; but, in truth, you do not do a thing! While you are dreaming, suppose I appear in your dream and tell you that you are dreaming. Still, you will go on dreaming, and my telling will not help awaken you in the least. However much you are told that you are dreaming, that will not put an end to your dream. You would only go on dreaming. But, when I slap you soundly, you will immediately be awakened, and your dream will end.

In the same way, to awaken you from your present dream of sitting here, such a slap is necessary! However much I explain to you now that you are dreaming, and that all this – your sitting in front of me, talking, moving about, eating, drinking, and so forth – is all a dream, it will be of no use to you, because you will not understand it. But, if I were to slap you – if my grace were to descend on you – you will be awakened automatically and instantly you will realize me. You will then know that all this is a dream; the whole creation is a dream and that you are dreaming day and night., p3538
March 1954; Sakoti


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