The Law of Truth, the supreme law

The whole universe with all its laws is subject to the supreme law of Truth. It is ever being administered impersonally, as well as through the spiritual hierarchy. To the superficial observer, it may seem that there is no reign of Truth in the universe. The Truth does reign, and reigns unceasingly and unfailingly.

Even the insignificant business concerns and other private and public institutions have their laws, and cannot function without laws. Much more so is it true of the universe. This vast universe, with all the multitudinous occurrences within it, is subject to some self-justifying law. Sometimes it does appear as if sincere toil is lost, or the virtuous are condemned to suffering and the vicious are enthroned with power or endowed with success. But all this is either a fractional view of the realities or an illusion in the garb of judgment.

To one who can take a complete and unclouded view of occurrences, the inexorable reign of Truth in all happenings, great or small, individual or collective, is a clear and unchallengeable fact. The reign of Truth may be described in different ways as the law of God, or the law of justice, or the law of karma. It is the law of cause and effect, or the law of divine love, according to the angle of vision or the limiting perspective given by the particular standpoint of the intellect.

But the important fact is that whatever may be the manner in which this law of Truth is apprehended by the intellect, it unchallengeably exists. It is a supreme and self-justifying power that unfailingly and irresistibly reigns in the universe, and it has no exceptions. All seers have announced the reign of this law of Truth. It operates both impersonally, and through the conscious working of the divine hierarchy of Masters and their Agents.

-Sparks of the Truth, ed. C.D. Deshmukh (1967 edition), p57-60

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