The Path of Truth is Not a Bed of Roses – Part-2

Citing examples from the lives of Shri Ramakrishna and Vivekananda, Shri explained that Vivekananda, as one of Ramakrishna’s circle members, was actually drawn and dragged away forcibly by his Guru from his parents’ house. His parents had dragged their son there with a view to embroiling him in the material world, where he would have fallen. Thus while family members and acquaintances were trying to pull the young man into the material world, Vivekananda’s Master and Guru was trying to draw him into the spiritual world. Since Vivekananda belonged to Ramakrishna’s circle, he was going to be realized—perforce, if need be. For even when the member of the circle of a spiritual master is located at the far end of the globe, the Guru keeps his eye on him as he does on all those in his circle; and when the time comes he drags him away to his side, even against the wish and will of the circle member himself! The circle member has no choice in the matter. He is destined to be made perfect and God-realized, even if he be a man of low and dirty character, even if he be the greatest of rogues and sinners. All this applies to the case of the circle member, mind you, who brings with him an ancient connection with the master through many past lives.

But what about others; what about the masses? The circle (including the master) adds up to a total of only twelve persons. while the population of the world comes to many millions. If only the circle members are slated for realization, then what of the multitudes and masses of the world? Have they no better end in prospect than to remain as they are? Do they, too, have any hopes of realization? If so, when and how?

Shri continued:

But before we engage this question in real earnest, let us cast our eyes back for a moment at the heading (“the path of Truth is not a bed of roses”) with which we began our discussion of this subject, and with these words ringing in our ears, let us proceed.

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p367
11-February-1927, Akolner


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