20121113 -The whole world exists on Meher Baba’s name – part 2 (final)



Even after meeting Meher Baba, Kotwal continued to visit gurus, sadhus and other holy men – one in particular was named Jiyagi Baba. When Kotwal next visited, Meher Baba informed him, “Jiyagi Baba has not even reached the atmosphere of the spiritual world. Leave him alone. Those who know the Emperor have no need to bow before the palace guards in order to gain entrance.

Baba did, however, instruct Kotwal to contact the great saint Tipu Baba in Bombay and convey to him this seemingly simple message: “The Emperor has sent me.”

When Kotwal did so, Tipu Baba, who seldom spoke to anyone, immediately replied, “Say Allah ho akbar; Allah ho akbar – God is great; no one is great but God! I give these blessings. Go now. The task is successfully completed.”

Later Baba told Kotwal to visit Tipu Baba often, but he was not to meet any other holy man. On one such visit, Kotwal brought a framed photograph of Meher Baba and asked permission to hang it in Tipu Baba’s room, and the saint agreed. When Kotwal had hung the photograph, Tipu Baba exclaimed,

 “The whole world exists on Meher Baba’s name!”

On June 2nd, the day before leaving Meherabad, Baba met privately with Minoo Pohowala. As Minoo was in the habit of going to one saint after another, Baba pointedly explained to him:

When you sink a well, you first select a spot before beginning the drilling. But if you stop drilling halfway and start anew at a different spot, you will never find water and all your labors will be wasted. But if you keep drilling at one spot, you will surely find water one day. A spirit of fortitude is required. If you are easily disappointed and keep trying at different places, you will never succeed.

Similarly, if you continue running from one saint or Sadguru to another, you will never gain anything. Stick firmly to only one Master and carry out his wishes. Dig, dig and keep on digging, and one day you will get the water of Realization.

–www.lordmeher.org, p1051

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