The working of Maya-6 (Transcending the Falsehoods): Discerning falsehood by knowing it as falsehood

How does one discern the falsehood as falsehood? There is no way out of falsehood except by knowing it as falsehood, but this knowledge of falsehood as falsehood would never come unless it was in some way latent in falsehood itself from the very beginning.

The acceptance of falsehood is always a forced compromise. Even in the very depths of ignorance, the soul gives some kind of challenge to falsehood. However feeble and inarticulate it might seem to be in its initial stages, it is the beginning of that search for the Truth which ultimately annihilates all falsehood and all ignorance. In the acceptance of a falsehood there is an ever-growing restlessness, a deep suspicion, and a vague fear. For example, when an individual considers himself and others to be identical with the gross body, he cannot completely reconcile himself to this belief. In embracing this false belief there is fear of death and fear of losing others.

If a person depends for his happiness only upon the possession of forms, he knows in his heart that he is building his castles on shifting sands, that this surely is not the way to abiding happiness, that the support he so desperately clings to may give way any day. Hence, he is deeply suspicious of his grounds.

-Extracted from Discourses, 7th Ed., p379


If a mad dog happens to enter your room, you would stand up and shout to drive it away. If, on the other hand, you give it milk and bread, it will linger there and will not go away. Similarly, maya is like a mad dog. Drive it away as soon and as forcibly as you would drive away a rabid dog! Only then will you be saved from maya’s clutches! (,p685)

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