The strangers -wants, desires, thoughts

The director [D. D. Kashyap] told Baba part of the story of his recent film, Maya, about a wealthy boy who falls in love with a poor slum girl and uses his wealth and influence to help the poor. Baba commented:

If you read God Speaks you will have a wider view of the spiritual panorama of the Divine Drama which reveals the secret of creation.

The entire creation is a “Game of Love” or leela [divine sport] which God enjoys at His own cost!

In the motion picture industry, you should also introduce spiritual truths, but do so gradually. This is the need of the time. If you become successful in it, it will be profitable to you in both ways, materially and spiritually. However, while directing or producing such films keep in mind that, except God, everything is illusion. Then the work will not bind you, and the heart will become more and more pure to reveal God’s treasure.

One Persian couplet states the following:

God the Beloved says to the lover:
Vacate your abode of its millions of strangers;

Then only, will I enter. I feel shy of strangers!

And who are the strangers? Wants, desires, thoughts! They are all so compressed within you that they leave no room for God the Beloved, whom you would invite in.

As the strangers begin to leave the heart, it becomes cleaner and purer. Then God peeks into it, and His all-loving glance wipes out all worries. And the glimpse of God that one experiences leaves no scope for any doubts about His sweet will that manifests through “good” and “bad” times.

The God-realized Soul lives in the world, but the world does not and cannot touch him. But to achieve God-realization is not child’s play. For this, one has to surrender all — body, mind and heart — to the Perfect Master., p4671
May, 1960; Guruprasad

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