“Weep within continuously; outwardly remain normal and cheerful.”

At 2:55 P.M. a qawaali program began. One song mentioned “shedding tears for the Beloved,” and Baba commented: “Tears that stream down the cheeks without your being aware of them are very difficult to control. But if restrained, they give more happiness. You will find greater joy in the inner companionship with your Beloved.

“This path is closely connected with feelings. Some who possess a pure and sensitive heart feel that they should go on shedding tears for years and years in memory of their Beloved God. In some cases, the individual becomes unconscious of his outer surroundings. Some stand at a place for years; some stand raising one hand upward; they are in the state of mukam-e-hairat (enchantment of the planes). Although such types of experiences are beyond control, yet they are temporary. Only those who experience this behoshi (unconsciousness) consciously are safe.

However, if you can experience within your heart a continuous and deep longing for the Beloved without an external sign, so much the better. Weep within continuously; outwardly remain normal and cheerful.”

www.lordmeher.org, p3167
Nov, 1952; Meherabad (preparation for the Fiery Free Life)


Just imagine that ages ago you were, now are and will ever be. Then what is there to worry about?”
(www.lordmeher.org, Revised 2014, p3251)

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