Yogis, Majzubs, Saliks, and Ordinary Humans – Part-3

In short, this—the sixth step, the sixth plane—is the yogi’s limit.

We come now to the case of the Realized Ones. There are very, very few of these; only one out of millions succeeds in winning experience of that supreme Knowledge, Bliss, and Power. And out of millions’ of these, only one returns for duty. In other words, the Realized Ones divide into two classes: (a) the Majzubs and (b) the Saliks.

a) The Majzubs are those who succeed in crossing the boundary described earlier (that is, the threshold that marks the far limit of the sixth plane) and reach the seventh plane, where they became “realized” and one with Paramatma. There in the state of Nirvikalp the Majzubs, having become perfect, merely enjoy Anant Anand and do no more. Merged in union with Paramatma, they personify the highest Knowledge, Bliss, and Power. But their Self-consciousness encompasses consciousness of the Self only, not of the universe with its three worlds, the mental, subtle, and gross. Thus unconscious of the universe, they cannot make use of the supreme Knowledge, Bliss, and Power acquired by them in their perfect state, and so they render no service to others in the world.

b) The Salik Sadgurus, like the Majzubs, have attained Realization. Yet the difference between their states is that, while the Majzubs remain unconscious of their bodies and the universe itself, the Salik Sadgurus are fully conscious of both. Returning back down from the highest state of Sat-Chit-Anand and assuming human form,the Sadguru performs his duty towards the world which is to make others “experienced” even as he himself is. In short, while Majzubs merely enjoy the Paramanand state and cannot make use of the supreme Knowledge, Bliss, and Power which they have acquired, since they remain unconscious of the universe, the Saliks, fully conscious of the universe and bound in their duty to bring others and make them “experienced” and realized even as they themselves are, avail themselves fully of the highest Knowledge, Bliss, and Power which they, like the Majzubs, have gained in the Paramanand state.

Thus both Majzubs and Saliks have the ability not only to see, just as yogis sitting in the sixth plane (represented here by the sixth step) do, but actually to become one with and get the real experience of the Sat-Chit-Anand state. By crossing the threshold and entering the seventh plane—which in our analogy corresponds to crossing the threshold at the head of the steps and entering the room—the moment they have accomplished this, they get the Real Experience of the Sat-Chit-Anand state, represented, as we say, by the room; and they become one with the supreme Knowledge, Bliss, and Power that is represented by the three items of clothing hung on the far wall. To repeat, while yogis only see the Fountain of Light, the Realized Ones, Majzubs and Saliks, unite with it. But while the first type of Realized One—the Majzubs—subsist in the sheer enjoyment of the perfect Knowledge, Bliss, and Power of the Paramanand state which is to say, in terms of our analogy, that they remain in the state of the articles of clothing hung on the wall), the Saliks, after entering the room, gaining union and experiencing Realization (of the three coats) and continuing to enjoy that state, nonetheless are able to come back down, resume again the human form, and pick up the burden of their duty to lead others to that same highest state.

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p324
28-November-1926; Lonavala



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