“Your mind is useless! All it does is confuse you!”


Baba resumed: “Is everyone here prepared to obey me 100 percent? You should be very honest. [Everyone raised his or her hand.] Can you obey me 100 percent?”

… When Margaret’s group of dancers came to see him in the Lagoon Cabin, Baba joked and laughed with them. All of a sudden, he asked, “Did all of you raise your hands in the Barn?”

All, except one man who was in the back, nodded that they had. Baba remarked, “That makes Baba happy.” The young man was relieved, thinking Baba had not seen him. After a few minutes, Baba, looking rather appalled and disappointed, singled him out and asked, “You didn’t raise your hand?”

The young man was overcome with dread about facing Baba and answering the question. He proceeded to try to explain that he really wanted to obey but could not determine in his own mind if he were prepared enough to do so, because he had failed to carry out one of Baba’s previously issued orders. Baba shook his head and laughed, remarking to the fellow, “Your mind is useless! All it does is confuse you!”

www.lordmeher.org, p4364
May, 1958; Myrtle Beach

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