Maya is like rabid dog!

On 30 June, explaining to the mandali about maya, Baba expounded:

God as Ishwar uses maya and her attributes to conduct the affairs of the universe, whereas Paramatma is far, far beyond Ishwar and uses only Dnyan — that all-pervading Power, that Source from which all other powers emanate. The Sadguru uses maya to make others free from maya.

Suppose Arjun is Paramatma and his cane is God. And suppose you wrap a seven-colored string (maya) around this cane. The string has only touched the cane (God) and not Arjun (Paramatma), who remains aloof.

Using another example from Angal Pleader’s kirtan the previous Sunday, Baba continued:

Suppose you come along and mistake a string for a snake. This mistake creates maya. But, if you see that the string is only a string and nothing else, is maya gone? No, because the accompanying suppositions and fears — “What sort of a serpent is it? How long? Will it bite?” — these are maya. In the end, when it is found that it is only a string, you laugh at your false presupposition because your fears are gone — the illusion is removed. In the same way, when one attains Realization, he laughs at these false notions of maya — the world and all its connections — for he knows that they are totally false and not real.

If any desire, passion, or anger enters your head, take it that it is maya, the source of all worries, troubles, and anxieties. The moment it enters your brain, throw it out! Don’t let it in at all!

If a mad dog happens to enter your room, you would stand up and shout to drive it away. If, on the other hand, you give it milk and bread, it will linger there and will not go away. Similarly, maya is like a mad dog. Drive it away as soon and as forcibly as you would drive away a rabid dog! Only then will you be saved from maya’s clutches!, p684
Jun, 1926; Meherabad

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