Interview in New York – Part 3 (Final)

“Poverty, if cheerfully endured, and providing one does one’s best to find work, develops humility and patience, and can greatly assist spiritual progress. It is a test of character. I know it is difficult to be cheerful when starving, but all worthwhile things are difficult.

Baba concluded, “Even millionaires are unhappy unless they have learned to think and live rightly.”

“Would a general acceptance of your doctrine of love bring about a more equitable distribution of money?” Collins asked.

“It must,” Baba emphasized. “Suppose we all loved each other as deeply as we now love the one whom we love best. The most natural desire of love is to share what one has with the beloved. The desire to share with everyone would produce a condition in which it would be a disgrace, rather than an honor, for anyone to possess more than anyone else.”

Taken aback, Collins asked, “Do you expect to do all this at once?”

“No, but sooner than you think. People will respond,” Baba replied.


“They will have to.”


[1932, New York]

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