Highroads to God – that lead to win the grace of God

The quickest of these highroads lies through the God-Man, who is consciously One with the Truth. In the God-Man, God reveals Himself in all […]

Highroads to God – All paths lead to God

A message about the paths to God was read out at one public function in Meherastana. It was entitled “Highroads to God” (at Mahewa):


Miracles and Spiritual Healing – Part 1

Pain and pleasure are inseparable twins

When people suffer physically or mentally, individually or collectively, they want immediate relief from that suffering. All […]

Narrations in Telugu

Narrations in Telugu of various Books (written by Baba and various other authors) by Bro T Nageshwara Rao done at Kakinada center are listed below.


Meher Baba’s New Life


Meher Baba’s New Life (Bhau Kalchuri)

మెహేర్ బాబా నవ జీవనము (భావూ కల్చురి)

The audio recordings of Bro. T Nageshwara Rao’s free-flowing narration of […]

Life at Its Best

Wish You All A Very Baba-ful Happy New Year 2014!!!


If understood, life is […]