The Universal Work of Baba – Part 1: “My duty is to take you out of the clutches of maya”

Baba at Mysore with the Mandali


On 14 April, Baba discussed matters with the mandali and stated, “I am Paramatma [God] and within a fraction of a second I can do away with all these hardships. Mani is my sister, could I not make her well? But though she is my sister, I do not apply [the power of] my mind to her and similarly for all others close to me. Therefore, I have to resort to worldly remedies and have to praise others to get my work done!”

Addressing Chanji, Baba continued, “I send you to the doctors often, and you have to pamper them. Chhagan’s health is now so bad, he wants to rest for three months. But at the same time I know that no one can do his duty. And so I have to pamper him!

“Why this indulgence? Because I need them. Although I am God Almighty, I have certain requirements for my work. Everyone is dependent on somebody else for something. But there is a vast difference — more than between heaven and earth — between your need and mine. Your needs exist out of selfishness, while mine is selfless — devoid of any selfish motive. My work is for the betterment of others, and because it is for others’ good, I don’t mind even indulging people.

“Because of my duty [Universal work], I pay attention to Chhagan’s health and have arranged for his treatment. If I had no duty, I would not have cared even if Chhagan had died!

“My need is a boon for others and a harassment for me! You can see this from the attitude of the doctor. I tolerate him humbly, and have also instructed you to be humble.”

On Thursday, 16 April 1936, Baba continued upon the subject of Mysore and explained: “At first, this place offered so many attractions — pleasant weather, beautiful surroundings, comfortable living quarters (especially for the ladies), and we all liked to stay here.

“Then unexpectedly came Mani’s ear trouble and all work is left at a standstill.

In short, we are literally stuck here.

“Mysore has become an eyesore!” Baba joked. “And we all wish to leave here as soon as possible.”

The men asked why he tolerated all the bother, looking after every small detail and, therefore, putting himself to so much trouble.

Baba replied at length:

My duty is to take you out of the clutches of maya and, while I do this, I have to face opposition from maya who does not wish me to do it. Why? It is automatic according to the law of “reaction”. Maya does not intentionally do it, but it happens automatically. The more I try to release people from her clutches, the more she tries to draw them into her net and create opposition!

It is according to the law of resistance and reaction. Maya is like a bat. Once a bat sticks to your ear, it will not let go easily. It might let go if left alone for hours, if you patiently wait and do not disturb or touch it. But once you try to remove it forcibly, it will hold on all the more tightly. And if you exert strength to pull the bat off, it will come — but with your ear in its claws!

Or you can compare maya to the lizard which sticks to the wall. If you try to remove it, it holds on even tighter. This is the law which cannot be avoided, and what cannot be cured must be endured! That is why all the great saints, Masters and Avatars suffer so terribly. The opposition differs in degree according to the nature of the work and duty assigned to the Masters., p1711
Apr, 1936; Mysore

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