East-West Gathering – Conversations with lovers: “Can you tear yourself out of yourself?”

Baba continued:

… There are some who exist to hate others, to be jealous of others and make others unhappy. And there are some who exist to love others, to make others happy. One who has become one with God exists for all, both good and bad. Jesus Christ existed for others. To become one with God, one has not to renounce anything but one’s own self. How does one renounce his own self?

Anita, can you tear yourself out of yourself?

I remember an incident when I was a boy. There were four spiritually-minded Iranis who had read in books that one must renounce one’s self. They decided the best way to lose themselves was to get intoxicated on wine. They started to drink and, for them, their experiences were wonderful. Near the tavern was a bullock cart. Trying to get rid of themselves, all four pulled hard and continually at the bullock cart in an attempt to tear themselves out of their selves and thus renounce themselves. By morning they were exhausted. They had lost body-consciousness. This is how they tried to renounce their physical selves. They only had books; they had no living guide.

“How will you renounce your self, Anita?” Baba asked.

Anita said, “Through obedience to the Perfect Master.”

Once you have determined to obey, you are no longer your own. But the slightest hypocrisy spoils your determination and makes the whole thing a farce. You must be honest and sincere in your obedience to the Perfect Master. It is not that easy. Only one rare one can do that!

-www.lordmeher.org, p4840
Nov, 1962; East-West Gathering, Guruprasad

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