Enthusiasm alone is not sufficient for doing Baba’s work – Part 1


While journeying throughout Hamirpur for a number of months prior to Baba’s arrival, Keshav Nigam had drawn up two lists of devotees. One list consisted of those who did work in Meher Baba’s name with a sense of renunciation, and the other of those ready to go anywhere for Baba’s work according to his behests. Baba was to meet with both groups of volunteers, and had previously given instructions that some secluded place be selected for the meeting to avoid interruptions and interference.

… When Baba reached Dhanauri, he saw that the meeting place had been arranged just by the side of the tent where darshan was to be held. It was open on all sides whereas Baba wanted a closed room. “For this important work, I wanted a place where even a sparrow could not hear us!” he fumed. “This place is totally unsuitable.”

Therefore Baba and the mandali were taken to the larger village school, but the building was too small to accommodate Baba, all the mandali and the workers. There Baba asked Keshav, “Are all those who have volunteered to place their lives at my disposal for my divine work present?”

“Baba, all but two have come,” Keshav replied.

Baba was not pleased by his answer and declared, “If the very beginning is based on such frivolities, the whole structure collapses!”

He canceled the meeting, stating, “When people do not follow the chief worker’s instructions, how could they be expected to follow my orders? When they do not obey such simple things, how can they be expected to sacrifice their lives for me? In their enthusiasm, they had their names placed on the list. But mere enthusiasm is not required; it has no strength.”

Baba canceled the lists and stated, “All those concerned should go on increasing their love for me, simultaneously carrying out their everyday duties. Another meeting of this nature will be held after seven hundred years when I come again!”

He added, “Baba is real. So, if you have faith in me, believe my words when I say that I am the Reality. I have canceled out the lists because this is not the way to give your life for my cause. People give their life for their families, their friends, for their country and nation; but to give it for my cause is an absolutely different matter.


Date: 7 February 1954

(www.lordmeher.org, Revised 2014, p3436)

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