Enthusiasm alone is not sufficient for doing Baba’s work – Part 2 (Final)


“I will do it [his work] personally with my mandali. The time is getting near because the period that will cover my speaking, my humiliation, my glory will be very short.”

Concluding, Baba warned, “Seriously, I have come down and taken this body not for darshan programs, arti and puja. That the angels have been doing for me. These things do not interest me, but the purpose for which I have taken this body is coming near. Who from among the mandali sticks to me will be seen.”

The atmosphere had become serious, and the workers had the chance of observing Baba in a mood of displeasure. It was important that the workers in his cause experienced all sides of the Avatar’s temperament, since they were to speak openly and honestly about him to others.

In the end, Baba emphasized to the volunteers: “As I explained, the first thing you must do is love me. This love should drive you mad, but it should not have any element of show in it. If that is not possible, then you should continue doing your worldly duties, but with the understanding that you are doing it all for Baba. If this is also not possible, the third alternative is service to humanity without any desire for reward or leadership positions.

Explaining what he meant by service to humanity, Baba stated: “The essence of service to mankind is to give happiness to others at the cost of your own happiness. The best service is that which makes people start loving me, because in loving me, freedom comes – everlasting freedom! Service to humanity is an important instrument with which my love can be vastly spread.”

Baba embraced each worker individually. Practically all wept at Baba’s disappointment with them.

Date: 7 February 1954

(www.lordmeher.org, Revised 2014, p3436)

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