Love, Obedience and Surrender

Baba mentioned the reviews of God Speaks to the group and continued:

If after reading God Speaks Niranjan Singh feels happy, I will not be happy. I will not feel happy unless and until Niranjan begins loving me. Listen carefully. If you don’t understand, never mind. Maybe after hearing me, a few may begin loving me as I wish. It is not a joke to be on the spiritual path. Only that one who washes his hands of his mind, body and life, and turns into dust, can progress on the path. Volumes are written about this spiritual path. So I will tell you something about turning into dust. Afterwards I will speak about love.

Listen! There are three things which are most unimportant: to offer me garlands, to worship me, to perform my puja-arti. These are not the signs of love for God.

There are three things which are of paramount importance on the spiritual path. There is no compromise. These are love, obedience and surrender. Love is great in itself, but greater than love is obedience, and greater than obedience is complete surrender.

Love seeks the will of the Beloved. Obedience carries out the will of the Beloved. One who surrenders completely is resigned to the will of the Beloved.

One who loves exists as the lover of the Beloved. Why? Because he simply loves the Beloved. One who obeys exists as the slave of the Beloved. One who surrenders his mind, body and soul has no existence — only the Beloved exists in him.

Love is a gift from God to man. A Perfect Master never gives the gift of love. Obedience is the gift from Master to man. Surrender is the gift of man to the Master., p3817
Nov, 1955; Meherabad

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