“Obedience is just obedience, there is no questioning” – Part 3 [Final]



It is important to obey me cheerfully. If that is not possible, at least obey. If I tell Raosaheb to kill his son, and if he does not do it cheerfully but does it anyway, still he would find me.

Search your own hearts and see whether you are prepared for such obedience. If your conscience is not prepared for it, then what should you do?

Everything is the play of the mind. If I wish, I could make the harmonium start playing itself. People would take me for God and would be ready to surrender themselves to me. But this would not be dedication to me, but to the playing of the harmonium. If a dead child is made alive, people are ready to obey — but this obedience would be to resurrecting the child.

-www.lordmeher.org, p3733
May 1955; Meherabad



“I do not want anything else from you but the gift of your obedience. Give me that and you will free yourself from the bondage of ignorance.”
(www.lordmeher.org, p4687)

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