Evil as a Relic -Part -2 (Final)

Everything happens according to divine will, and it is a mistake to think that God has a rival in the form of a Devil. […]

Evil as a Relic – Part 1


Good as well as evil are impressional products of the evolutionary momentum. They come into conflict with each other and as such are […]

The interplay of good and evil in life (2/2) – Good act gives us happiness

[Continued from previous post]

Another reason for preferring and advocating good is that in evil, although apparently easy, […]

The interplay of good and evil in life (1/2): Why is good preferable to bad

On April 27th, a discussion among the men mandali took place about the interplay of good and […]

Act on principles than rituals

“Even as the mind cannot be freed of bindings by mere physical renunciation, so the heart […]

The Divine law

“God is not kind; He is the ocean of mercy. But it is all according to law. And law is not complicated; it is […]

Good and Evil

During the end of May or early June of 1942, while explaining about good and evil, Baba stated:

There is nothing such as good […]