The Relationship with the Master in Spiritual Life – Internal eye

In infinite ways, the Sadguru tries to draw the aspirant into his own being so that the aspirant may get disentangled from the mazes […]

Spiritual jingoism – Part 1 (The fault of not being able to accept and one’s own weaknesses)

In no sphere of life is jingoism more rampant than in the fields of spirituality. As in the market of economic goods, so also […]

“Love is the only propeller and the only remedy.”

Kitty was sufficiently alarmed by Allan Cohen’s letter to forward it to Baba, and although Baba was in seclusion, it was read to him. […]

The Pearl Diver

When I became a lover I thought I had gained the Pearl of the Goal; foolish I did not know that this Pearl lies […]