The Avenues to Understanding – Harmony of mind and heart implies cooperative functioning

Spiritual understanding is born of harmony between mind and heart. This harmony of mind and heart does not require the mixing up of their […]

The Avenues to Understanding – Heart must be free to determine ends of life

The mind is the treasure-house of learning, but the heart is the treasure-house of spiritual wisdom. The so-called conflict between religion and science arises […]

The Avenues to Understanding – Conditions for harmony between mind and heart

Between the two extremes of a life harassed by wants and a life completely free from wants, it is possible to arrive at a […]

The Avenues to Understanding – Freedom from wants possible only in supramental existence

The intellect of most persons is harnessed by innumerable wants. From the spiritual point of view, such a life is the lowest type of […]

The Avenues to Understanding – Spirit glimpsed only through heart

When a person has his eye on the results of actions instead of being concerned solely with their intrinsic worth, he is trying to […]

The Avenues to Understanding – Intellectual conviction hinders spontaneous love

When the mind seeks conviction or corroboration (through objective proofs and miracles as an aid to spiritual understanding), it is encroaching upon the sphere […]

The Avenues to Understanding – Mind craves assurance or conviction

When the mind encroaches upon the province of the heart, it does so by requiring assurance or conviction as a precedent condition that must […]

The Avenues to Understanding – Conflict between mind and heart

As contrasted with the method of the mind-which has its foundation in sensations and proceeds through inference and proofs to conclusions-there is the more […]

The Avenues to Understanding – Spirit not understood through mind


The different avenues that lead to spiritual understanding can be understood best through an initial distinction between spirit and matter. In order to understand […]