What is meant by giving up ones life – Part 4 (Final)

Reflecting back on the mechanical aspect, Baba stated:

If you are always conscious of keeping the Master’s will, and the consciousness is not disturbed by the slightest thought, then it is not mechanical. But this is impossible without the grace of the Perfect Master. Even to understand that the Master’s pleasure is your pleasure is impossible. But if you always have this steadfast thought that the Perfect Master’s will is your pleasure, then it is not mechanical.

What is the will of the Perfect Master? He alone knows. It is said that when a man realizes God, there is neither pleasure nor pain. In that state, the will of everyone is his will.

Baba elucidated further, concluding: “Love is difficult, but obedience is much more difficult. Yet I think that my mandali are trying their utmost to obey me…”

–Lord Meher (First Ed), p4143

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