Face everything bravely and cheerfully

Eruch and the other mandali kept up their correspondence at Guruprasad. To Elcha Mistry, who had just been fired from his job, Eruch wrote […]

Bowing to Baba’s will versus Submitting to Baba’s Will

Meanwhile in Karachi, the fourteen-year-old son of Adi and Dolly Arjani, named Faredoon, suffered a fatal accident on 23 July 1968 after he fell […]

What is meant by giving up ones life – Part 4 (Final)

Reflecting back on the mechanical aspect, Baba stated:

If you are always conscious of keeping the Master’s will, and the consciousness is not disturbed […]

What is meant by giving up ones life – Part 3


Those highly advanced in spiritual life never test anyone. They know whether the person concerned would do it or not. Therefore, the Perfect […]