What matters in spiritual path

In the spiritual path, these messages and addresses mean nothing. Without actual experience, all philosophical statements are idle talk, and all these ceremonies are a further addition to the existing illusion.

If, instead of erecting churches, fire-temples, mandirs (temples) and mosques, people were to establish the House of God in their hearts for their Beloved God, my work will have been done.

If, instead of performing ceremonies and rituals mechanically as age-old customs, people were to serve their fellow beings with the selflessness of love, taking God to be equally residing in one and all, and thinking that by serving others they are serving God, my work will have been fulfilled.

I give you all my blessings so that if not all, some of you, a few of you or even one of you could love God honestly and find me in everyone and everything.

Now I will give my prasad of love which you should accept with love. No one should bow down to me or offer fruits and flowers. Only take with love what I give with love.

-www.lordmeher.org, p3490
Feb, 1954; Andhra Darshans


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