With your heart predominating

I wish every Baba lover the opportunity of being at Meherabad on Amartithi Day at least once. In the early years the line for darshan was not very long, and the crowd was such that one could spend ample time with each one of Beloved Baba’s precious family from around the world. Sometimes it was the only time when one met some members of the family.

Now, as Beloved Baba’s Manifestation grows, the numbers are sharply increasing, but still not to such an extent that one loses that extraordinary feeling of openness that prevails amongst all. Such is the force of Beloved Baba’s presence that it seems impossible for one to come and remain closed, or for one to bring continued thoughts and feelings of grudges and resentments. At other times, perhaps, these take longer to dissolve, but in the magic of that one day all is left aside and one dives happily into that pool of love which exists because He said, “I love you.”

This reminds me of some words of Eruch. In recalling what he has gathered at the feet of Beloved Baba, Eruch said: “Baba often brought home to us that we should all come together and be one heart in His Presence. But then Baba would point out that it is impossible for you to cut yourself off from the mind.

“It is the mind that creates divisions, that creates separateness, confusion, and limitation. Mind is at the root of all these things; and to annihilate the mind His Grace is essential. But you can remember to do one thing: when you gather together in His love and in His Name, enter the gathering place leaving the mind outside. You should enter with the heart only; that would make Him very happy.

“If you bring your differences into His Presence, then you will not be there with Him. You can witness His Presence, or be a witness to your presence near Him, only when you are there with your heart predominating.

-Bill Le Page
-The Turning of the key, p236

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