20121105 The Four Journeys – Part 1

[East West gathering, 1962]

Francis Brabazon set up the large chart Rano Gayley had prepared on The Four Journeys. Baba stated, “This is the chart of The Four Journeys.” Pointing to Purdom, Baba asked, “Charles, are you able to see it? A difficult thing is depicted here in a very simple form. Through your learning, the simplest things have been made very difficult.”

Francis Brabazon pointed to the various sections on the chart, as Baba continued to explain:

When you set out on a journey from place to place, as you have journeyed from the United States, Australia, England and Europe to India, and as some men try to reach the Moon, Venus or Mars, you go on an outward, external journey. We will talk here about the inwardjourney, the real journey. I want you to have a clear understanding of these two sentences: God is Infinite; His shadow also is infinite. The shadow of God is the infinite space in which is the infinite gross sphere.

This infinite gross sphere is within the infinite shadow of God. All this is God, Infinite God. Of course, He is boundless, limitless, but we have to show this somehow in the chart. God is not bound by limitations. God is Infinite; therefore, His shadow is also infinite.

Within His shadow is this infinite gross sphere, having millions of universes. There are innumerable gross universes, countless galaxies – you could not count them at all. There are innumerable galaxies known and unknown, countless stars, suns, moons! And there are some worlds inhabited by human beings. But of all these non-habitable and habitable worlds, this Earth has a special position. It is the only place where the experiences of the subtle and mental worlds can be had by human beings. Only on this Earth can a man realize God.

In the subtle world there is no space. One finds the subtle world within oneself; it has nothing to do with space – it is a journey within. Therefore, all the celestial things we see or hear about in outer space are not only insignificant, but are absolutely nothing. The infinite gross sphere itself is illusory; it has no value at all.


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The chart image courtesy: http://www.theawakenermagazine.org/avol09/av09n01-02/av09n01-02p30-31.htm

(to be continued)

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