20121108 The Four Journeys – Part 4 (final)

 The Four Journeys chart

Eruch then read the discourse on the Four Journeys (published in The Everything and The Nothing), explaining some of the points Baba had just given spontaneously. Baba continued:

The Creation-point is a finite point; out of this finite point the whole of the infinite creation is issuing forth. It is a continuous process; there is no end to it. Out of a Speck in the Infinity, called the Creation-point, has sprung forth this whole creation in stages. This world of ours is nothing but a most finite speck in the Speck. Although to you it appears to be the world, for me it is nothing, not even a tiny speck.

Eruch continued reading the discourse on the many universes, visible and invisible, and many planets, of which a large number [18,000] are inhabited by human beings.

Baba continued:

Only on the planet Earth do human beings come here to reincarnate and begin the involutionary path to God-Realization. The Earth is at the center of the millions of universes, to which all souls must migrate to begin the Inward Journey.

In Infinity, you cannot have a point as center; otherwise, it is not Infinity. And yet on the chart we have made the Earth the center of infinite space. Why? Because though there are many inhabited worlds in infinite space, human beings of those planets have to migrate eventually to the Earth. In some worlds, the people are very intelligent, much more so than on Earth; yet, they must come to this Earth-speck for the sake of the “heart,” the involutionary journey.

The discourse continued. While referring to Charles Purdom, Baba explained:

Charles has individuality as Charles, the human being. He knows he is Charles. When he is God-Realized, he has Infinite Consciousness; he loses his limited individuality and merges in God. The world does not exist for him, nothing exists but God. And he then experiences infinite bliss. When Charles regains his individuality, it is infinite, and he is still Charles, but he comes back with infinite consciousness. He is Charles and God simultaneously.

Baba smiled, and stated:

But all this is not meant for you people. It is all useful though for posterity. For you, it is sufficient to obey me, love me, and hold on to my daaman. Then wherever I am, you will be also. If you were to begin your inward journey, you would also be with me, because I am also there on those journeys. All this is illusory; God alone is real.

You must love God, see God, become one with God; that is your duty. Your duty is to know this is all illusion; God alone is real. But to love God is also not in your hands. It is a gift from God to you – and the one who receives His grace has nothing to do with these journeys whether outward or inward. Where you go on the journey is not important if you hold on to my daaman. Everything is immaterial.

–www.lordmeher.org, p6005

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