Baba implicitly reveals that He is the Avatar


DURING the programs at Madras, thousands filed past Baba after taking darshan. One man took darshan on the night of April 3rd and […]

The most practical thing to do in the world is to be spiritually-minded – Part 2 (Final)

Instead of engendering the seeds of peace and plenty, the under-driven religion tries to shoot out communalism, fanaticism, nationalism and patriotism, which have become […]

The most practical thing to do in the world is to be spiritually-minded – Part 1


In Madras, Baba gave this message to the congregation:

What is wrong with the world today and with India in particular? Such, and […]

Intellectual bigotry

Baba at the Temple of Silence (Meher Asramam), Madras (now Chennai), 1940s

Baba and the mandali arrived in Madras on the night […]

The Divine Heritage of Man


Jal Kerawala read out the Master’s message, “The Divine Heritage of Man,” and Harkare Pleader repeated it in Marathi:

In all climes […]

The Hidden Treasure of the Self


On November 16th, Baba visited the Buddhist Society in Nagpur that morning. Adi Sr. read out the message, “The Hidden Treasure of […]

How Baba made the young Adi to think only of God


[Anecdote of 1920s at Manzil-e-meem, Bombay]

Baba’s standing instruction to Adi Sr., Dr. Ghani and Ramjoo was that when they were free, they […]

Different Grades of Love

On December 31st, 1926, Meher Baba gave his last handwritten discourse on love:

Love is all pervading in the universe but the types of […]

The Unity of All Life


Baba’s message, “The Unity of All Life” was then read out to the crowd by Niyogi. Part of it was:

In the One […]

In whole-hearted faith, relief will be found from the many sufferings


One of the greatest things to possess is faith, which ultimately leads to conviction; and from conviction one day arises realization. There are […]