Awake Dream State to Real Awake State


The law of karma is impartial and inexorable. It knows no concessions, gives no preferences, makes no exceptions. It dispenses justice. By the divine law you are shielded from remembrance of past lives, for it would not help you in living your present life but would make it infinitely more complicated and confusing.

For me Past  does not exist. I live in the Eternal Present.

I clearly see your former lives, with all your intimate and intricate relationships with so many individuals. Your various reactions to others, seen in the context of your mutual [karmic] connections in previous lives, serves as a mighty joke to me and helps to ease my burden of suffering.

The life of everything and everyone is an open book to me. It is like a film show that I enjoy at my own cost. I am the sole Producer of this ever-changing and never-ending film called the universe, wherein I become you in your awake dream state in order to awaken you to the Real Awake State. When you experience this state, you will realize the nothingness of what was your awake dream state which you experience now. This needs my grace. When my grace descends, it makes you me., p4547
May, 1959; Guruprasad

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