The play of life

On the 5th, Baba urged the mandali never to fear illusion and gave them this simile:

Take, for example, a movie in which the […]

“Why not always choose to be happy?”

From Hamirpur, the son of Bhavani Prasad Nigam sheepishly walked into the room. He had gone to Bombay without his parents’ permission, and there […]

The strangers -wants, desires, thoughts

The director [D. D. Kashyap] told Baba part of the story of his recent film, Maya, about a wealthy boy who falls in love […]

One should not succumb to worries

One day (23 May) D. D. Kashyap, 50, a Bombay film director, came for darshan. Baba remarked to him, “I know everything. Even then, […]