“These tantric powers have nothing to do with the spiritual path”


Dr. Bharucha told Baba of a man in his hometown (Navsari) who professed to have the power to drive out […]

“Can you imagine my plight overburdened with billions of children?


A woman with two children came to see Baba. He asked her, “Do they trouble you?” She said they did, and Baba remarked, […]

“What is that action which is I-less?”

Patwardhan came to sing before Baba that day, and asked, “What is that action which is I-less? […]

The “weaknesses” of the past Avatars


Nana Kher arrived from Nagpur and stayed with the men mandali at Guruprasad until Baba left at the end of June. Occasionally, Nana […]

“Your desires fill and dirty your heart”

Baba then addressed the audience [at Ahmednagar center]:

God is Infinite. He is all-pervading. He is in each and every one and in everything. […]

“Tear away the curtain of set ceremonies and rituals” – Part 3 (Final)

Baba’s unique leela was to tear away the veil of ceremonies and rituals, and he used Meher Dham in Nauranga, Hamirpur, and Mehersthan in […]

“Tear away the curtain of set ceremonies and rituals” – Part 2

Meherstan, Kovvur

When the messages were received in Kovvur, there was much discussion as to what exactly Baba meant in regards to […]

“Tear away the curtain of set ceremonies and rituals” – Part 1

Mehersthan, Kovvur

Meanwhile, Koduri Krishna Rao had established Mehersthan (House of Meher) on the Western banks of the Godavri River in Kovvur, […]

“This Path is not for the weak and the faint-hearted!”


Bhikubhai had been instructed to bring the well-known bhajan singer of Poona, Gajanan Watve, to sing. Knowing Baba enjoyed ghazals the most, Watve […]

The thick curtain of maya

On another occasion, Baba quoted this verse from the Perfect Master Tukaram:

Even if I were to have your sahavas [company] continually, […]