Sanskaras – the accumulated imprints of past experience shroud the consciousness

The acquisition of the Sanskaras may be likened to the winding up of a piece of string round a stick, the string representing the […]

Power of Baba’s words

After Don had worked several months on the Discourses, on a subsequent visit to Meherazad, Baba asked him how the work was progressing. As […]

The New Humanity – The new world-culture will have to emerge from an integral vision of the Truth

A hodge-podge of collected ideas can never be a substitute for a direct and fresh perception of the Goal. The new world-culture will have […]

The New Humanity – will come into existence through a release of love in measureless abundance

The New Humanity will come into existence through a release of love in measureless abundance; and this release of love itself can come through […]

The New Humanity – Material and spiritual adjustment

In the hour of trial, let the thought of everyone be not for the limited self, but for others—not for the claims of the […]

Wars – They are a necessary evil to awaken humanity to higher values

Though it seems difficult, humanity has to emerge out of this dreadful war with unimpaired spiritual integrity, with hearts free from the poison of […]

Wars – The root cause being egoism and selfishness requires the man’s heart to be unlocked for new love to be born

The spiritual unity of all souls remains inviolable in spite of all wars; and from the point of view of ultimate reality, it remains […]

Wars – Not an unmixed evil

War can at best be only a means to an end; it can never be an end, in itself. It is, therefore, imperatively necessary […]

The New World Order

The time is now ripe when men will ardently seek to contact the embodiment of the Truth in the form of a God-man, through […]

“In this incarnation of the Avatar, God has the occasion, as it were, to play the part of both Father and Mother”

Baba said: I am the Son of God the Father, and God the Mother, in One. God is one. He is both father and […]